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Latitude Armory allows you to:

  • Source Personal and Home Defense Products in one location
  • Purchase products that often bridge the same requirements for hunting or tactical requirements
  • Obtain specialized services for the products purchased through our store

There are many stores that specialize in one area such as hunting, personal defense or home defense but few bring all the same popular products into one area. Latitude Armory brings these products to you as one service. Often a person that hunts has a need for home surveillance or protection of personal property such as guns. The same is true for a person that often uses tactical weapons for their job; they need the resources close at hand but safe and secure. Those buyers that have a need for personal protection but don’t want the lethal aspect of carrying a firearm need options. Latitude Armory offers over 20 plus years of combined experience in military and civilian personal and property defense knowledge to assist our customers. We are here to help with knowledge from IP Surveillance cameras and networks to expert modern sporting rifle (AR-15 type) knowledge and tactics in a combat environment.

Latitude Armory's Mission

  • We are here to serve our customers.
  • Provide expert knowledge on our products.
  • Offer reasonably priced products that can provide solid performance.

Our main goals in this business are to provide knowledge to our customers that we have learned over the years first hand and to provide the level of service we have come to expect from others.

Latitude Armory proudly serves:

  • People that desire to protect themselves / their home / their family
  • People who are required to use tactical weapons as part of their profession
  • People that hunt and/or use modern sporting rifles

Latitude Armory is here to offer products and services for lethal, less-lethal and non-lethal options for personal and home defense. We are here to offer products and services for tactical arms and modern sporting rifles. Latitude Armory also offers surveillance equipment for use in businesses and homes.